The Iberian Hunting Experience

The Iberian Hunting Experience is owned & operated by me, Fernando Díaz, a Spanish Professional Hunter & Outfitter based in Barcelona, North East part of Spain. In 2011, I graduated from Law School and started practicing Law as an Attorney. I quickly realized that being a lawyer was a wonderful job, but hunting was the true passion that drives my life.

The tradition of hunting and enjoying the outdoors has been passed down in my family from generation to generation, and it is deeply embedded in our way of understanding life.

As a hunter and conservationist, I am honored to have been elected as a member of the SCI Catalonia Chapter Director’s Board from 2011-2014, promoting wildlife conservation and the right to hunt. In the past few years, I have been fortunate enough to be able to combine practicing Law and outfitting hunts, making a career out of my passion.

The Iberian Hunting Experience specializes in big game hunts throughout the Iberian Peninsula, as well as driven hunts for the queen of small game, the red legged partridge. Other wing shoots and small game hunts can also be arranged. Our hunts are conducted both in private concessions and  in the most emblematic and prestigious Hunting National Preserves of our Country.

We offer trophy class hunts in the best areas without undermining the essence of an ethical, responsible and sustainable hunt.