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Our Country…

Spain is approximately 195,300 square miles, presenting big landscape contrasts between the north and south of the country. It is said to be a «melting pot» of cultures and civilizations that through out history inhabited the Peninsula. The influences are primarily based on pre-Roman Celtic and Iberian. However, other ancient people such as Romans, Phoenicians, Carthaginians and Greeks also settled in what we know today as Spain.

When you talk about Spain as a hunting destination, there is much more to it than just the hunt. According to our philosophy, we don’t only sell hunts. We offer our clients the possibility to live a whole experience from a multidisciplinary point of view, assisting them through the process of planning their trip.

Furthermore, our goal is to provide a quality hunting service. Therefore, our hunts are conducted in well managed  areas and concessions to ensure trophy quality and game abundance. We also arrange hunts in the most emblematic and prestigious Hunting National Preserves of our country. In our hunts, success is the norm.

Why hunt with us and what sets us apart from other outfitters?

Having our headquarters in Barcelona gives us a great geographical and cultural advantage over the majority of hunting operations located in the center and south of Spain. We are a travel agency and sporting agency combined, so we work directly with the clients, attending all the hunts and assisting them to make sure everything goes as scheduled and planned.

We hunt as close to home as possible because we believe in the concept of offering proximity goods and services. We are fortunate to live Barcelona, one of the most amazing and cosmopolitan cities of the world. On one hand, it is very close to the Mediterranean sea, but at the same time only 1.5 hours from the Pyrenees and other amazing mountain ranges that offer superb hunting opportunities. The whole Catalonia region is rich in wildlife and natural environments. Therefore, we avoid unnecessary long drives and focus on enjoying the hunt and the activities awaiting our clients.

The Hunt…

The main hunting method is typically «spot and stalk».  When animals are spotted, we judge them through the spotting scope. We target mature trophy class animals past their prime. If those requirements are met, we make a plan of attack and get into shooting range. The hunter is always accompanied by our team of professional hunters and local guides who are great experts in the hunting areas and the habits of the animals at different times of the year.

Depending on the circumstances and time of the year we might choose other hunting strategies such as ambush or overlooking an area waiting for the game to step out of the brush.

In any case, our areas are carefully pre scouted, so we can pattern and predict the animal’s behavior.






Iberian Wolf

Iberian Wolf

Mallorca Wild Goat

Mallorca Wild Goat

Wild Boar

Wild Boar