Big Game Driven Hunt


The «Montería» is the Spanish version of a driven hunt. It is the oldest and most traditional Spanish hunting method. This driven hunts are mostly for red deer and wild boar, but sometimes also for fallow deer, mouflon and other big game species.

All hunters gather up in the morning to have some traditional Spanish breakfast: «migas». Right after that, hunters will ramdomly be assigned to a stand. The hunting ground «mancha» is surrounded by hunters who are in their stand distributed in different lines is known as «armada». Once the hunters are ready, a herd of around 250 hounds are turned loose to frighten the game and drive them to where the hunters are located.

Dogs and beaters will start moving through the bushes and forest towards the line of hunters but from the other end of the selected hunting area, several kilometers away.

Animals more often than not have to be taken on the run, testing the shooting skills of the hunters leading the shot. Hearing the animals crushing branches and bushes trying to get away from  the barking hounds sure is exciting. You will not be able to enjoy this hunting method anywhere else in the world.



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