Success gallery

I was introduced to Fernando by a Professional bow hunter in Spain. I had the opportunity to go out into the mountains with Fernando many times after meeting him. He was very knowledgeable about the terrain and wild game in Spain. When I decided to go after a Ibex and Redstag with my Muzzleloader Fernando was the first person that came to my mind as a guide. He is an amazing bow hunter and I knew for sure he would be the best guide to get my as close as possible to an Ibex. I still cannot believe how many Ibex  we saw in just one day and how close he got me to them. It was truly an amazing experience and I cannot wait to go on another guided hunting trip with Fernando.

My wife and I hunting with Fernando in December 2018, we were fortunate to harvest a gold plus Beceite Ibex and a Chamois. The hunting was outstanding and Fernando’s guiding abilities were top notch! His knowledge of the hunting area and local connections made our trip a great success. From the time he picked us up at the airport, to the time he dropped us off, it was a first class experience. It was a great adventure; I highly recommend him and we will definitely be hunting with Fernando again!

My wife and I hunted Beceite Ibex with Fernando 2018.  What an amazing experience!

We spent 4 days together and loved every minute.  The hunting was great and we were rewarded with a wonderful Ibex.  Fernando is a very experienced guide and we felt comfortable with all of the decisions he made.  His English is excellent.  In addition, he is a lighthearted and fun guy, which added to overall experience.

The accommodations, hunting gear, and food were awesome.  Fernando even got us out chasing pigs and Roe deer once we filled our Ibex tag.

We are planning on returning to Spain in 2021 and will definitely be hunting with Fernando again!


I hunted with Fernando four days in October 2019.
I harvested a Gold medal Fallow deer and a Muflon sheep.
Fernando is a true professional and wery knowledgeable about bow-hunting but also hunting in general.
Accomodation, food and local contacts made for a perfect hunt with a trophy of a lifetime.
I had a very good experience and felt well taken care of from the time Fernando picked me up at the airport untill i was going home.
Will definetly use Fernando if i am going back to Spain to hunt.

I hunted with Fernando Diaz in the fall of 2019. We were hunting for Red Stag in the Pre-Pyrenees mountains of northern Spain. Fernando worked hard to assist me in finding a nice animal within range. After spending the morning stalking, we had mid-day lunch time at a local cabin, enjoying the afternoon with other Spanish hunters.

Hearing stags roaring was a thrill! It was just before dusk when I was able to get my trophy. My wife accompanied me on the hunt and enjoyed it as much as I did. After the hunt, Fernando accompanied us on a site- seeing trip to Montserrat, which was very moving. We hope to return in the future to experience another Spanish hunting adventure with Fernando.

Hello Fernando, I want to thank for the most wonderful experience my family and I had with you. This was a first for me. I had taken vacations with my family and had taken my son hunting but had never combined the two. With you it was combined perfectly. The hunt was exceptional, comfortable, food outstanding and game plentiful.

The Ibex my son and I took were just what we were looking for and we had great fun with you and your team. Following the hunt, the hike up Montserrat was exhilarating for my family, we enjoyed the breathtaking views while your wit and background made the climb fun. Overall your combination of professionalism, spirit and knowledge was more than I could have hoped for and greatly appreciated.

Talking about Pyrenean Chamois, Fernando is best in class! A common friend presented us and the preparation started a few months earlier. Due to COVID travelling limitations, we could only confirm a couple of weeks before, but the contacts and the attention were constant.

The hunting was outstanding and the area Fernando chose for us to stalk at 2000 meters hight… breathtaking! We were able to harvest exactly what we wanted and saw many other options along the way. Hunting was fabulous but the before and after the hunt, weren’t less of it.

Either Ibex, Roedeer or Chamois, definitely Fernando and the Iberian Hunting Experience will be my choice!

Nuno Banha