Terms & Conditions

Booking & deposits:

50% of the total cost is required to book a hunting trip. The deposit is not refundable or transferable to another person. Final payment: the balance is due 30 days before the hunting trip starts. If a postponement in the booked hunt year should be essential, we try to find an alternative date in the same year of the booked hunt.  A transfer of booking to another hunting season requires a separate examination, and can not be guaranteed.

Alternative arrangements:

In case of no success on the booked trophy, the hunter has the option to rebook this hunt at a later date. The trophy fee would be discounted from the regular price, unless the hunter makes other arrangements. If through unforeseen events on our part the trip must be cancelled, the entire paid amount is refunded.

Wounded game:

The hunter is responsible for full payment in case wounded game is not recovered.

Payment & Pricing:

After the end of the program, a possible difference amount is paid either in cash or bank transfer. All prices are subject to changes and offers are non binding for the outfitter. Min. exchange rate: 1€= 1.30 USD.

Taxes: V.A.T. 21% on the total bill.


Our staff and independent agents attempt to provide a safe, comfortable and responsible hunt. And although we arrange phases of your hunt with reputable parties, the quality, safety and conditions of services of which we have no control, may vary. Clients therefore assume all risk and expenses for loss, damage, delay, or injury to their person, the non-hunter or property which may occur due to illness, weather, accidents or other events beyond the control of THE IBERIAN HUNTING EXPERIENCE.

Importation permits and trophy shipping:

The trophy shipping takes around 6 months to be delivered to its final destination counting since the hunt takes place. The client is responsible for obtaining the necessary importation permit in his country. If the taxidermy work and shipping expenses are not paid after 6 months, THE IBERIAN HUNTING EXPERIENCE will become its owner.

Travel documents and vaccines:

It is the client’s responsibility to make sure that all the passports, travel licenses, visas, health certificates, medicines, international driven license and other needed document are obtained and in force. It is also the client’s responsibility to pay the additional costs in which your name appears as a result of any breach you have made.

Special requests:

If you have any special request or suffer from any health condition it is the client’s responsability to report it to THE IBERIAN HUNTING EXPERIENCE.

Image& video rights:

THE IBERIAN HUNTING EXPERIENCE has the right to use any photography or video took during the hunting activity by our company. When a customer gives personal pictures to THE IBERIAN HUNTING EXPERIENCE the company has the right to make use of them for marketing and advertisement purposes.

Conditions accepted by the hunter when booking a hunt:

  • The trophy score will be measured in green on the hunting field.
  • The hunter cannot take the trophy until the 100% of the payment is done.
  • The decisions adopted by the outfitter cannot be argued by the hunter although he is the responsible of any damage which could be caused.
  • The hunter can only shoot the animal which the professional hunter points out and when he or she is given permission to shoot. If the hunter shoots  another animal or in the wrong moment, not following the outfitter’s instructions, he/she will have to pay the damages.
  • Hunter will have 3 fair opportunities per trophy. Afther the 3rd opportunity, the hunt is considered over.
  • Shoots with blood; if the hunter wounds an animal, the hunt will be considered over and they will track the animal.
  • Before the hunt starts, the hunter must revise his/her rifle and make sure it is dialed in.
  • If the hunter has any disability or illness, he/she should make THE IBERIAN HUNTING EXPERIENCE aware of it.


Spanish law:

In case of any dispute, the parts submit to the Spanish Tribunals and more specifically, to the Tribunals of Barcelona, with submission to the Spanish’s law.  In relation to the general terms and conditions of this contract, both sides guarantee the whole application of this agreement.


A worldwide accident insurance is highly recommended for the period of your hunting trip. We recommend Global Rescue.

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