Red-legged partridge driven hunts


The red-legged partridge is undoubtedly the queen of small game in Spain. Its morphological characteristics make it a fast-flying and unpredictable species that will test the skills of even the most seasoned shooters.

We can accommodate up to 12 shooters in a line, being the ideal number 8.

Typically there will be up to 5 drives a day and in between the shoots, you will be accompanied by different «TACOS» (traditional snacks and appetizers).

In every drive you will have a loader and assistant to help you throughout the whole hunt, so that you only have to focus on aiming and taking down partridges.

Due to the diversity of the land, we offer drives with high-flying birds where you can take your time aiming, and low fast flying  birds; ensuring our hunters enjoy a wide range of shots.

If hunters don’t bring their own firearms, we can provide them with a pair of shotguns that better adapt to this hunting modality.

The day will culminate in a typical gourmet meal in the countryside with the finest Spanish wines.




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